Domestic Values

We bring in top Chefs to demonstrate domestic values for our mentees. Mentees have hands on experience of "Adulting" and learn why being a teen isn't so bad.

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Mental & Physical Health

When you look good, you feel good. We teach our mentees that feelings are "OK" and normal. Coping skills assist with the bad times and confidence boosts the good. We dig into loving our own bodies and accepting others for who they are inside and out.


Spiritual Guidance

Teaching our mentees how to study for self  knowledge and being confident within themselves is a major pillar of our program. We want them to evolve and pass their light onto others around them.


Financial Literacy and Scholarship

Budgeting, banking, investing , and more. Our mentees learn the basics of understanding financial literacy and generational wealth. We teach education as the foundation of everything they will do.

Morals & Etiquette

Morals are our building blocks to molding beautiful people. Laying the foundations of right and wrong. Respecting other's difference in opinion is a major key.

Appropriating certain behaviors in certain atmospheres could be the making or breaking of a professional relationship. We teach our mentees the foundation of formal etiquette.


Next Steps...

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