Roles and Responsibilities Mentor/Mentee Contact Mentors are to contact mentees twice a week and contact a parent/guardian once a week. (The parent and mentee contact may be made at the same time.)  Mentors are to make one face to face contact with mentee once a month.  Mentors are to keep contact log current and submit reports on days of Plants and Pillars scheduled meetings Be an Active Listener:  Focus on what the mentee is saying to summarize what was said, in a way that they would agree with  Provide uninterrupted time to meet with your mentee  Allow mentee the time to explain the situation completely before offering advice Be a Cheerleader:  Provide vocal and enthusiastic support for your mentee’s efforts  Offer comments to reinforce the belief in positive potential for your mentee to grow beyond the current situation  Celebrate the successes of your mentee Be a Compassionate Supporter  Recognize your mentee as an individual with a private life and value them as a person  Listen to your mentee’s career concerns and respond appropriately  Act as an empathetic sounding board for ideas and concerns expressed by your mentee  Establish an environment for open interaction and reflection  Offer non-judgmental and sensitive responses to assist in clarification of emotional states  Be sensitive to issues of sexual harassment or discrimination of any type  Pay attention to your mentee’s need for direction, refocus, change and respite Be a Good Role Model  Demonstrate successful professional behavior (lead by example)  Teach the value of integrity  Be secure in your own professional status and don’t be threatened by your mentee’s successes  Do not betray confidences  Show respect for all views, even for those with which you disagree  Provide example of how to treat others  Do not be afraid to admit your own ignorance  Follow through on commitments  Do not use your mentee to further your own goals (i.e. using your mentee as an uncredited research assistant)
In the event that the needs of the mentee are not met the following actions will be taken: 1.) A verbal conference by the EDD/EOM Liaison 2.) A documented meeting with the EDD/EOM Liaison 3.) A documented meeting with the EDD/EOM Liaison and the Regional Director -A plan of action will be drawn up on how the EDD/EOM Liaison can assist in the improvement of the standards of the position being met. At this time if assistance is needed it will be provided. 4.) In the event that each one of these meetings do not improve the actions of the mentor a letter of termination will be recommended to the Founder by the Regional Director. Please note that this is a year -long commitment. When you are absent from the program you are not hurting anyone but the mentee. We created this program because there is a NEED for mentorship within each one of these young lives and your role is critical in the rise of their overall success.